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    Young chicken whole (pasture-raised) vacuum/poly-shrink packed
    instruction: XL-more than 5lbs
    Small-less than 3lbs


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    Young chicken, cut 4/8 pieces (pasture-raised) vacuum/poly-shrink packed
    instruction: XL-more than 5lbs
    Small-less than 3lbs

    $3.50/lb and an additional of $1.50 for cutting.

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    DUCK MEAT-pasture-raised
    instruction: Available soon


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    MAPLE SUGAR CANDY-a healthier sugar substitute

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    FERTILE TURKEY EGGS-less than 4 days old (unavailable)

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    Turkey Eggs (unavailable)

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    MAPLE SUGAR CANDY -The healthy sugar substitute. The natural sweetener that contains minerals-SOLD OUT
    price(tax included): $6.00/8 oz

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    MAPLE SYRUP 12oz (traditionally-prepared)
    instruction: SOLD OUT
    price(tax included): $15.00

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    MAPLE SYRUP 8oz (Traditionally-prepared)
    instruction: SOLD OUT
    price(tax included): $10.00

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    Cornish Roaster

    This cross breed takes about 3 more weeks to mature than ordinary chicken meat bird. it's ideal for fryer.

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    Duck Fresh Eggs, half a doz
    price(tax included): $3.00/6 eggs

  • header20141217042053_833494357
    Duck Fresh Egss, 1doz
    price(tax included): $5.00/doz

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    1/4 Cow-Grass Fed beef
    instruction: We're accepting reservation now for quarter cow that will be available for pick up on 9th March, 2016. Reservation is just confirm after paying down payment of $200/quarter cow. First come first serve only.

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    Brown Fresh Eggs-produced by pasture-raised laying chickens, all natural, hormone & antibiotic-free
    instruction: text 248-842-9252 for pick up availability. thank you!
    price(tax included): 4.25 USD

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    Turkey, PASTURE RIASE - poly shrink packed
    instruction: We are still open for reservation of thanksgiving turkey, 12 more slots are available.
    It will butcher on 23rd of November and will be pick up the same day after 7pm.
    Call or text Maria: 248-842-9252
    Email: farm_fresh_produced@yahoo.com


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    Cornish game hen (vacuum packed) -medium
    price(tax included): 11.00 USD

  • header20141208132335_978085430
    Cornish Game Hen (vacuum packed) - small
    price(tax included): 10.00 USD